Essential Nutrient Supplements: Essential or Supplementary?

My niece loves taking her vitamins every morning... they are gummy bears after all. Who can blame her? I love my calcium chews, too. Whether you love or hate taking your daily vitamins, the question remains- are they essential for health? Or are they just icing on the cake? Although most studies show vitamin and mineral intake is below recommendations for most Americans, the effects on health are still controversial.

10/28/16 This Week's Must Read Women's Health Articles

Perhaps mirroring the fact that we're heading into cold and flu season, this week's most popular articles centered on the common cold and the flu vaccine. In obstetrics and gynecology news, this week's Must Read articles cover research on choline supplements in pregnancy for preventing schizophrenia, breastfeeding and blood pressure, and UTIs. Finally, an annual report on mental healthcare in America reveals some serious deficits.