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3 New Scientific Reasons to Be Grateful for Being Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving to my blogosphere friends and your families! I hope you are all recovering from an overdose of turkey and pumpkin pie. In honor of my favorite holiday, today’s blog post highlights three recent scientific studies that highlight how healthful and fulfilling it is to be grateful. I’ll start, of course, with a study about prenatal wellbeing and stress.

11/11/2016 This Week's Top Health Articles

No matter how we spent this past week, we can all agree on one thing: sometimes a hug is all we need to feel better. By far the favorite health article of the week is applicable for men and women: hugs were associated with 32% decreased risk of getting a cold. Other popular article topics for the week included: birth control for men, the cost of healthcare in America, preterm labor & multiples, and the TOLAC calculator.