10/28/16 This Week's Must Read Women's Health Articles

Perhaps mirroring the fact that we're heading into cold and flu season, this week's most popular articles centered on the common cold and the flu vaccine. In obstetrics and gynecology news, this week's Must Read articles cover research on choline supplements in pregnancy for preventing schizophrenia, breastfeeding and blood pressure, and UTIs. Finally, an annual report on mental healthcare in America reveals some serious deficits.

What drugs are America's pregnant women taking?

Is this safe in pregnancy?! Will this medication hurt my baby? If I don't take this medication, what exactly is the risk to my unborn baby? These and other questions related to what medications are safe to use in pregnancy are some of the most commonly asked in OBGYN offices around the world. This month's Green Journal features a series of three related articles about the interesting topic of drugs and pregnancy.