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Laughing through Labor: the new old pain relief method

Fans of “Call the Midwife” might recall the adorable scene in which Chummy demonstrates how to use “the gas” during labor for pain relief only to over-inhale and fall blissfully into the hospital bed. Most Americans have never heard of using laughing gas for labor pains since epidurals became the anesthesia-du-jour in the 1970s and are now used by the vast majority of women in the US. However, people looking for relief have used laughing gas since the 1800s, usually for dental procedures. In the early 1900’s, laughing gas was introduced for labor, but never gained lasting traction in the US. Now, thanks to a small resurgence in popularity, you may see “laughing gas” on the menu of options at your hospital.

Welcome to Our First Blog Post

Hello and Welcome to Elm Tree Medical's Blog!

I'm Dr. Eva Martin, founder of Elm Tree Medical LLC. I am creating this blog to provide updates on the progress Elm Tree Medical is making in creating new, exciting, and innovative products for women's health care.

I will also post interesting articles, studies, and reports on progress being made in the field of women's health. All too often, important findings that could improve women's lives are buried in medical journals that are not accessible to the public. This blog will serve as a place to find easy-to-understand summaries of the new findings that have health care practitioners buzzing with excitement.