Your Favorite Contraception Recs for Common Situations

What is your favorite recommendation for birth control for women with migraines?  For women who are breastfeeding? For women with a history of pelvic inflammatory disease?  For women with obesity?  Deciding on the perfect contraceptive recommendation  for each of these clinical scenarios can be difficult.  Contraception is a personal choice for every woman.  However, in certain situations, medical comorbidities or unique situations may skew a physician's recommendations towards certain options. This week I harness the fun power of Twitter polls to find your favorite recommendations for each of the above clinical scenarios, paired with some useful factoids about each situation.

12/2 LARC, Healthcare, & Fertility Ethics: Top 5 Women's Health Articles

In addition to celebrating the wonders of leftover Thanksgiving dinner (how is it possible everything tastes even better 4 days later?), this week was marked by some excellent Women's Health articles. This week's most popular health articles include: ultrasound and IUDs, the Commonwealth Fund healthcare report, ethics and ART, sales reps in the OR, and vaccination requirements.

A shot to reduce pain with IUD placement

Thinking about getting an IUD but worried about how painful getting it placed will be? Although many women find IUDs to be a great contraception option once it's in place, the process of having an IUD placed can be very uncomfortable. A new study in the July 2015 issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology studied an intramuscular shot called Ketorolac (you may have heard it called "Toradol") given to women 30 minutes before the procedure.