Pain Care Labs Introduces a New Solution for Low Back Pain

Dr. Amy Baxter knows about treating pain of all kinds; she is a double boarded pediatric emergency physician. From routine childhood vaccinations to major trauma in the emergency room, Dr. Baxter has seen it all. She's also taken treating pain to the next level by inventing multiple non-invasive solutions. Many women experience pain on their fertility and pregnancy journeys, from injections for IVF to low back pain during pregnancy. Fortunately, Dr. Baxter's company Pain Care Labs is there to help women with all of these issues.

Pain Care Labs

Dr. Baxter quit practicing medicine in part to try to inject some prevention into the opioid crisis. She has studied pain and vibration for the past 14 years. "I know there's not one right way that fixes pain. It's folly to believe there is," she comments. Instead, she wants to focus on giving people physical relief options for physical problems, and empowering them to try, experiment, and do what makes them feel better. She believes that empowerment through better options is a critical step in reducing opioids in circulation.

I know there’s not one right way that fixes pain. It’s folly to believe there is.
— Dr. Amy Baxter

Pain Care Lab's first product was Buzzy, a friendly device that uses cold and vibration to ease the pain of needle injections with Gate Control. Originally conceptualized as a remedy for vaccines, Dr. Baxter's neighbor opened her eyes to the many uses of Buzzy. Her neighbor was undergoing fertility treatments (IVF) that required multiple injections. She was using Buzzy every day for relief! Now her neighbor is the proud mother of twin boys.  To date, Buzzy has blocked pain for over 31 million needle procedures, has been validated by over 20 independent clinical trials, and has lots of baby pictures from women who were ready to bag IVF before they got their BFF Buzzy.

Buzzy device

What's new for Pain Care Labs? When a colleague used Buzzy to avoid opioids after knee replacement, Dr. Baxter adapted her patented Cool-Pulse technology to a bigger VibraCool for knees, elbows, and plantar fasciitis.

“Everyone kept saying, can you use VibraCool with heat? Do you have a VibraCool for my back?” explained Dr. Baxter. “So I researched whether heat was really effective, and what else was proven to work, and decided to make an over-the-counter device that does it all.”

For the past two years Dr. Baxter has been developing more pain solution options. Since 120 million people have low back pain, she and her team made a low back pain relieving device. Up to 70% of pregnant women report experiencing low back pain during pregnancy (although I wonder how that number is not 100%?!).

70% of pregnant women suffer from low back pain.

The exciting news? Pain Care Labs is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign for their new device: DuoTherm. The campaign goes live on September 4th, 2018.

The DuoTherm relieves low back pain in six research-proven ways. It can deliver concentrated thumb-sized vibration to acupressure/myofascial trigger points. It uses ice or heat as intense as the user wants to make it. It has low OR high frequency vibration proven effective for dull pain from standing/slumping or sharp nerve or bone pain. Finally, feeling power over pain is proven to reduce it! 

The team is designing three therapy cycles, and the ultimate goal is for the app to record what settings work best for different kinds of pain - nerve, bone, disc, muscle, strain- which will enable  more specific treatments for each type of pain.


People who sign up before 9/4 will get DuoTherm for up to 65% off - a single one will be $90 instead of the retail price of $200. Dr. Baxter has also partnered with the US Pain Foundation, ATI Global Reach Mission, and Project Athena as charity partners. According to their website, "The Project Athena Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit foundation dedicated to helping women survivors of medical or other traumatic setbacks achieve their adventurous dreams." That means that donations can be made to enable Pain Care Labs to send these partners VibraCool and DuoTherm devices (when they're ready) to help women-in-need in the donor's name.

Dr. Baxter

On a personal note, Dr. Baxter's journey from practicing physician to inventor to entrepreneur has served as a constant source of inspiration for me. I encourage you all to get to know her better by reading her fascinating story of leaving medicine and now making such a difference in the lives of millions through her inventions. Many thanks to Dr. Baxter for her tireless work to improve pain care options and for contributing to our blog series!