More evidence that yoga is safe in pregnancy

Last December, I wrote a blog post with 12 Yoga Moves inspired by a fantastic article in the December 2015 Green Journal about yoga during pregnancy. The article confirmed the safety of multiple yoga poses during pregnancy. This past month, the Grey Journal published yet another study confirming the safety of yoga in pregnancy- this time for women in the third trimester who had never tried yoga before. 

20 million Americans practice yoga, and 82% of them are women. The authors of this new study from the University of Cincinnati recruited 46 women in the third trimester to either complete a 1 hour yoga class or listen to a 1 hour powerpoint lecture about exercise in pregnancy. The doctors measured the fetal blood flow by ultrasound, the fetal heart rate tracing, and the mother's heart rate and blood pressure before and after the 1 hour activity. Their results showed that the 1 hour of yoga did not significantly change blood flow to the fetus, or the fetal heart rate tracing, or the mother's heart rate or blood pressure.

The authors conclude, "Yoga can be recommended for low-risk women to begin during pregnancy." This is fantastic news for pregnancy women who haven't tried yoga yet, but are curious to try it!