5 Research-proven Healthy New Years Resolutions You Can Keep!

One of the greatest gifts of the New Year is a chance to rejuvenate and restart all the healthy habits we lost during the holiday season. This list of 5 easy resolutions are all tried and true, even standing up to scientific testing.

1.     Spend 20 minutes doing a yoga routine at home. You can try this one out. It’s even safe in pregnancy! ACOG recommends 20 to 30 minutes a day of moderate intensity exercise most days of the week.

2.     Eat a salad with lunch twice a week. Dress it up with dried cranberries and nuts. The Omega 3’s will do you good, and you’ll eat less if you start with a salad.

3.     Take a Vitamin D and calcium supplement every morning. Help protect yourself against osteoporosis and bone fractures.

4.     Write down one thing you are grateful for every night before bed. It’ll improve your relationships, physical health, sleep, psychological health, self-esteem, and mental strength.

5.     Call an old friend every weekend to stay in touch and strengthen your friendships. Strong relationships reduce stress, prevent disease, and lengthen your life.