A shot to reduce pain with IUD placement

Thinking about getting an IUD but worried about how painful getting it placed will be? Although many women find IUDs to be a great contraception option once it's in place, the process of having an IUD placed can be very uncomfortable. Every gynecologist has her own recommendations on what to do to make this experience sting just a little less- from taking Motrin beforehand to using a numbing spray to injecting lidocaine (like at the dentist's office-ouch!) and even giving medication the night before to open up the cervix (misoprostol).

A new study in the July 2015 issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology studied an intramuscular shot called Ketorolac (you may have heard it called "Toradol") given to women 30 minutes before the procedure. Half of the 67 women in the study got a shot of Toradol before their IUD and the other half got a shot of salt water. The women who got Toradol reported less pain 5 minutes and 15 minutes after the procedure. However, only women who had never had a baby before had less pain with Toradol during the actual IUD placement. Watch out though- 18% of women thought the Toradol shot was as painful as the procedure.

Take Home Message: If you're worried about pain during IUD placement, discuss the various methods with your OBGYN. If she recommends it, a shot of Toradol before the procedure may help relieve some of the pain around the procedure and get you on your way to becoming a happy IUD user!